Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ground Into Double Play (GIDP)


A GIDP occurs when a player hits a ground ball that results in multiple outs on the bases. The most common double plays are ground balls where a forceout is made on the player running from first to second base, then another forceout is made on the batter running to first base.

A GIDP typically occurs on a ground ball that is hit hard and directly at a fielder, although softly hit balls can also result in double plays depending on the speed of the batter running to first base. The MLB leaders in GIDP are typically slower players who hit a high number of ground balls -- often well-struck ground balls.

GIDP can be used to evaluate pitchers as well. For most pitchers, the goal is to keep the ball low in the strike zone, and GIDPs are typically a result of success in that regard. It is often said that double plays are "a pitcher's best friend."

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