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Hey Blue! -Umpiring Myths and Truths

MYTH - The batter is out if he starts for the dugout before going to first after a dropped third strike.

TRUTH - The batter may attempt first base at any time prior to entering the dugout or a dead ball area.

MYTH - If the batter does not pull the bat out of the strike zone while in the bunting position, it's an automatic strike.

TRUTH - A batter must make an attempt to contact the ball with the bat (to "offer" at the pitch) for a pitch that is out of the strike zone to be called a strike. In the bunt position, a pitch that does not pass through the strike zone, and which is not offered at, is a called ball. If in the strike zone, it is a called strike if not offered at, or a "swinging" strike if offered at whether in the strike zone or not. The defense may appeal if the plate umpire calls a ball and the defense believe the ball was offered at.

MYTH - The batter is out if a bunted ball hits the ground and bounces back up and hits the bat while the batter is holding the bat.

TRUTH - Two things here. First off, the bat doesn't hit the ball a second time; rather, it's that ball that rebounds and hit the bat. Foul ball. That is, IF the batter is still in the batter's box. However, if the batter has left the batter's box and the ball hits the bat (or the batter-runner, for that matter), then he's out.

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Random MLB Facts You Never Knew

Fact: Ken Ash won a game on only one pitch.

On July 27, 1930 Reds pitcher Ken Ash was brought into a game against the Cubs with two on and no outs. Facing what any reliever dreads (a runner in scoring position and no outs), he delivered the pitch and the Cubs promptly delivered a triple play. Ash was pinch-hit for in the bottom of the inning, and the Reds staged a rally to win the game 6-5. Thus getting the no-name Ash into the history books as the only man to win a game on only one pitch.

Fact: Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th home run by running the bases backwards.

Jimmy Piresall was eccentric to say the least; his life became the basis for the book & movie Fear Strikes Out, which chronicles his battle with bipolar disorder. Some of Piersall's stunts include, walking up to bat wearing a Beatles wig, talking to the monument of Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium and climbing a grandstand roof to heckle an umpire. The grandaddy of all his stunts occurred while playing for the Mets; in the fifth inning of a game against the Phillies, Piersall hit the 100th home run of his career, and promptly ran the bases in correct order...just facing backwards. Needless to say, Mets manager Casey Stengel was not amused; Piersall was quickly given the pink slip.

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Upcoming Hitting Camp!

Upcoming Hitting Camps: April 22, 2018
Small Group (8) Hitting Camp with Rich Lovell, MCI Epstein Hitting.

This will be a hitting camp designed to introduce the Epstein Hitting System by a member of Esptein Hitting's Master Certified Instructors-Rich Lovell. One on one instruction provided to players to begin understanding proper proper footwork, swing sequence with proper hand and bat path. A video will be taken of the players swing to be uploaded into our video analysis software where a complete analysis comparing your player to an elite hitter. The video will be recorded and shared with the player in their Online Academy Locker to be viewed and studied whenever they like. In addition, all new players will receive a 30-day trial of our Online Training Academy ($43 value; automatic renewal occurs after initial month for new academy members). In the Online Academy, each player will be able to view their video analysis, review their customized training plan and then watch a video of the specific drill designed for their personal plan to begin improving their swing and correcting their swing flaw(s). The drills can be used in-season to help maintain bat speed, proper hand and bat path and make minor adjustments. In the off season, more in-depth changes can be made so as not to disrupt the players in-season performance.

Private Camps

Hitting Camps can accommodate teams-up to 12 players and private groups of 6 players. If you have a team, or small group of players and are looking for a specific date, but don't see it, contact Rich direct at to set up a date for your Team or Private Hitting Camp.

Visit my Camps Info Page to see more details on Dates, Times and to Register

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Mike Trout on Sharpening Your Swing

By many measures, reigning AL MVP Mike Trout is still just a kid. But at 25 years old, he’s already accomplished more than most adults. In 2012, he won the AL Rookie of the Year Award after scoring 129 runs, still a career high. Two years later, he took home AL MVP honors. And in 2016, he led MLB in on-base percentage (.441) and runs scored (123) to win the award a second time. The New Jersey native, whose father played in the Minors, grew up around the game. Now, he’s eager to share what he’s learned on his way to the top.

Imitation Game
My dad played baseball, so once I touched a bat, it was [like] an instinct. I'm competitive, so I wanted to be good at it and play to win.

When I was a kid, I played Wiffle Ball in the front yard. Ken Griffey Jr. always had that sweet swing, and I would [practice his] stance every once in a while.

Hit ’Em All
When you’re in the cage, you’ve got to have fun. Hitting off a tee gets a little boring after a while. If you add something to it, like a target game, it will help. My teammates and I actually put up targets, and you get points if you hit them. You can also put another tee somewhere else in the cage, and try to hit the tee. Our team is always thinking of new games to play in the cage. That way, you’re working on your swing, but you’re still competing while you’re doing it.

Warning Track Workout
The best part of the game to practice is hitting. I love to take BP. And when I’m in the field during BP, I get to rob home runs.

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Ways to Teach a 6 Year Old/Young Players to Hit...

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Rich Lovell answers a question from viewer, Blake, on how to approach teaching a 6 y/o to hit. His recommendations might surprise you, especially about lessons.

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How to Create Bat Speed-Hips and Torque! It May Not Be What You Think

Rich Lovell explains why 'firing' the hips may not be the answer to faster bat speed.

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